Spiritual awakening is used as energy harvesting by dark entities

The initiates view the spiritual awakening experience as holy. Without a single doubt about the entities behind the synchronicity, each one of them walks the journey blindly.

The awakening opened a different perspective for me. Spiritual people don’t like it.

Synchronicities steal the attention of the initiate

Angelic numbers pop up to anyone during spiritual awakening as each one of them carries a coded message.

Big Tech companies fight each other for your attention. They optimized the algorithm to keep one in a loop. An entire economy is born out of the war for attention, Attention Economy.

The repetitive numeric sequences show up in digital clocks and license plates. These guides interfere with the activity of the spiritual worker.

Synchronicities drained my energy and kept me inside a comfortable bubble.


There is not a clear doctrine behind the spiritual awakening. The initiate has no direction. Spiritual awakening preaches unconditional love.

  • no borders.
  • no race.
  • no gender.
  • no religious beliefs.

Love is a beautiful and positive force. It respects the natural order. Spiritual people preach false balance.

Entities behind the angel numbers do not reveal themselves

Not one of the spiritual people has met any of the beings behind the angelic numbers. These entities transmit their frequencies through the air. They never show up.

Low batteries

Spiritual people feel drained. Such a state continues periodically for a very long period. Spiritual awakening is a cover-up to steal energy.

Soul tribe and twinflames

Spiritually woke people connect on social media. They resonate as a tribe. These connections don’t lead anywhere.

Some claim to have met their twin flame. Mine showed up during college. It was a false twinflame. Eve Lorgen is an eye-opener on the twinflame experience. She calls it the Love Bite.

According to Eve, alien entities set up the victim to bond with a targeted lover. Hyperdimensional entities orchestrate the scenarios to steal energy.

Law of attraction and affirmations

Based on the Law Of Attraction one creates their reality. Spiritual people use affirmations to achieve their goals.

Law Of Attraction and affirmations keep the initiate under illusions. Our reality depends on many factors, social and political. Lately is clear that geopolitics is shifting and changing many realities.

Spiritual awakening and trauma

A major part of spiritually woke people have experienced trauma. Traumatic events have been set up to awaken people.

Evil entities pull the strings behind the curtain. They target the spiritual people during their childhood.

Spiritual awakening and reincarnation

The initiate believes they have had previous lives on earth. Multiple incarnations help to upgrade the vibration. The spiritually woke person chooses the family, tribe, and nation.

Nobody can prove any of the above.

Constant fear during spiritual awakening

There are various kinds of fears the initiate goes through:

  • Fear of failing college.
  • fear of losing the job.
  • fear of becoming lonely.
  • fear of going or remaining broke.
  • fear of experiencing natural disasters such as floods and even huge earthquakes.

Dark beings are after the negative energy radiated by humans. When feeling threatened or harmed humans release Loosh.

Spiritual channeling

Spiritual workers use channeling to receive guidance. Dark beings infiltrate as ancestors, ascended masters, and even angelic beings.

Spiritual awakening and the war against the matrix

A war against the matrix. As beautiful and sacred as it seems, it’s a lost cause.

It is a very intelligent way for those behind the curtains to keep the initiate in a never-ending cycle.

Final thoughts

The spiritual awakening is a life-changing experience. It makes one aware of themselves and their spiritual gifts. There are many lessons an initiate learns.

Light exposes the darkness.

2 responses to “Spiritual awakening is used as energy harvesting by dark entities”

  1. Jaira Avatar

    Thank you, Eye opening , I couldn’t discredit a thing you said. It’s easier to get lost in a Fantasy Perfect life when reality is punishing., and one must go through suffering no matter the purpose to get better or stay bitter. What don’t kill us can make us stronger.

    1. holybull Avatar

      Yes, spiritual suffering is important to help us learn and become humble. Thank you for taking the time to share your comment on my article.

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