Women’s attraction is not a long-term gain in semen retention


Many experience extreme women’s attraction during semen retention. They focus their mind on such phenomena. Although the magnetism is real, women’s attraction is not a long-term gain in semen retention.

Women enjoy your attention on semen retention

Your aura glows when you retain semen for a long period. Women may be not interested in you as a person, but they want the attention. The energy of your masculine frame is priceless to them. It gives them validation.

It is a game to them

As an aspiring masculine man, you don’t have time and energy for a random female’s game. Women seek constant attention. You should seek constant improvement.

Their beauty is value

Nowadays females are so pretty. They already bring something to the table. What about you? Do you have a stable income? A good-paying profession?

Do you still live with your parents? If yes, then focus on self-improvement. Nobody wants a broke person.

Learn from your relapses during semen retention

No matter how strong the attraction is, once you release you feel low. Everything fades away. You don’t receive those eye-locking scenarios anymore. And when you get back on track, the female attraction comes.

It is a never-ending cycle. Women’s attraction is not a long-term gain. Use the energy to improve your skills instead. Learn a new one.

Modern females can not understand your journey and purpose

Nobody wants to struggle. The modern-day female is interested in fun, expensive dinners and travels. She wants it all. And she is not there to help you progress and make it. You have to be a provider.

Use your energy to start a side hustle instead.

Semen retention plus a hustle is more attractive

Semen retention may help you improve your flirting game, but it is not enough. Transmute the energy you retain through a hustle. A focused and money-maker man is way more attractive than a guy just retaining and doing nothing else to improve their current bad situation.

Females are wired to choose the provider. Security is important to them. They’re the weaker vessel.

Women’s attraction is not a long-term gain

Women’s attraction is not a long-term gain. It doesn’t take you anywhere. You should work hard to set up long-term goals. And work on these objectives to become a man. A provider.

Final thoughts

Manhood is a constant war. Every day is a battle. Be a vigilant warrior and use semen retention as a tool to fix your weaknesses and improve yourself.

Women have the energy to heal a man. We can’t do without them. Unless you have found your Eve, keep retaining and transmuting.

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