False twinflame signs


I met my false twinflame in 2011. It triggered my spiritual awakening. A life-changing experience. Dysfunctional patterns, inner issues, self-worth, and identity are put to the test. The following are the key signs of a false twinflame.

Dreams about the false twinflame

Before the encounter in the third dimension, I dreamed about the false twinflame. Her name was shown to me through a voice. I didn’t recall such a dream until I met her.

There are many dreams you had about the false twinflame. You may recall some of them later.

Love at first sight

Time froze when my eyes met hers. She was the only one present in a room full of people. My heart filled with butterflies.

Eve Lorgen explains this phenomenon as an Alien Love Bite. According to her, extraterrestrial entities interfere in human relationships.

Constant thinking about the false twinflame

I thought about her the whole time. It turned into an obsession. I forgot my studies, myself, and my friends. I wanted to see her so bad.

It happened automatically. I had no control over it.

Prophetic dreams

During this period I had powerful and weird dreams. I would see her in a dream and the next day the events would manifest.

For example in one of my dreams, she showed up in a red dress. The next day I checked her profile, she was wearing the exact dress.

Love around the heart

I felt pure love vibrating in my heart. I was happy. Everywhere I went I had a smile. Everything became beautiful.

The false twinflame mimics the frequency of the real one

The aura of the false twinflame is beautiful. Their frequency appears to be created only for your spirit. At that time I saw her aura as pure. And her vibration was similar to mine.

According to many who have gone through the experience, the false twinflame mimics the real one.

Darkness and depression

After the bubble phase, I went through depression. I experienced very low self-esteem. The role of the false twinflame is to help clear the ego.

Low energy

Constantly thinking about my false twinflame I felt drained daily. I felt so tired. This phase is the procrastination one.

Dark beings parasite on the energy of others. I have explained it through this blog post.

False twinflame under attack from dark entities

I contacted my false twinflame. She told me she was under attack from dark entities. Some astral stuff. At this point, I was sure the whole experience was staged.

The false twinflame craves attention

They want to be the center of attention. Parties and social gatherings are their thing. The false twinflame may be praised by many. Attention is their drug.

My whole essence was directed to her. Higher beings used her need for attention to drain me.

Empath narcissist dynamic

The false twinflame is cold. When I expressed my true feelings to her, she almost laughed. She acted very bossy. They decide everything in a relationship—the dates, the texting, etc.

She made me feel like access to her energy was a privilege. The truth is, it was the opposite.


A false twinflame is a mirror of your inner issues and wounds. It helps to learn to love yourself. To heal your inner child. The old self dies.

Karma cleanses. Cinderella Anneh-bu describes the false twinflame experience as a karmic attachment from hell.

Final thoughts

The false twinflame experience is depressing. You are left alone in the darkness. Everything you know about yourself is questioned.

Although you may feel worthless during such an experience, you learn to nurture and love yourself once you come out of it. This is the most precious lesson I got.

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  1. Jaira Avatar

    Thank you. I went through this not once but twice,

    1. holybull Avatar

      Just learn your lessons.

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